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RED CAIN – Kindred: Act I

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Track listing:
01. Guillotine (feat. Wolf of Transilvania) | 02. Snakebouquet | 03. Zero | 04. Hiraeth | 05. Blood & Gold | 06. Juliet (feat. Daniel Louden) | 07. All Is Violence | 08. Wing of the Crow (feat. Kobra Paige)

Genre: Progressive Metal | Power Metal | Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 21.01.20
Duration: 00:38:05
Tracks: 8

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With their first full-length album Kindred: Act IRed Cain dive into a conceptual journey through the primordial depth of the human psyche, surfacing to tell mythological tales of war, love, and transformation. Slavic, Celtic, and Egyptian myths all find a place within the tracks, in a venomous new form – battle hymns, sorrow songs and eldritch chants. These are tracks that the band put their blood and spirit into, and while listener-friendly, also contain a huge variety of layering and elements that require a number of listens to truly explore. Read more …here

Red Cain are:
Evgeniy Zayarny – Vocals | Carlos Cruz – Guitars | Noah Bockmuehl – Guitars | Taylor Gibson – Drums

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