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Track listing:
01. Denial I: Space & Time | 02. Denial II: Commotion | 03. Anger: Unrestrained | 04. Bargaining: Revoke | 05. Depression I: Razors | 06. Depression II: Mistaking | 07. Depression III: Illusion | 08. Acceptance I: Believe In Me | 09. Acceptance II: I See Through | 10. Acceptance III: Reflections

Genre: Progressive Metalcore | Alternative Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 25.06.19
Duration: 00:43:05
Tracks: 10

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The second album from Russian progressive metalcore group Next Door To Heaven is called V Ways To Accept. It is a mature work which totally differs from the first releases of the band which were part of the search for their own style and sound. With V Ways To Accept, they seem to have found it. The album takes the listener on a long journey with a concept based around human emotions. You start from the denial stage, go through anger, bargaining, depression and finally end up with acceptance. Read more about V Ways To Accept …here

Next Door To Heaven are:
Daria “Dasha” Mazunova – Vocals/Lyrics | Evgenii “Gene” Mazunov – Guitars/Programming | Sergey Kovalenko – Bass guitar

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