Project Description

NEUROMANT – Artifichild

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Track listing:
01. Flat Dance | 02. The Time Traveller | 03. Useless | 04. Pixel Trip | 05. Artifichild | 06. In Cosmos | 07. Lately | 08. Count Down | 09. A Part Of All

Genre: Electro Alternative Rock | Alien Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 15.10.19
Duration: 00:35:11
Tracks: 9

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The title of the album is Artifichild. The taste is kind of electronic and dance music although the atmosphere is always dark, intimate and claustrophobic. The feeling is to listen to something that wants to make you dance, but at the same time that there’s no reason to do it. The title refers to the cult movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, in which a ‘star child’ seems to be the next step in human kind evolution. Read more …here

Neuromant are:
Diego Narcisi – Vocals/Guitar | Davide Narcisi – Keyboards | Riccardo Pinchi – Bass

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