Project Description

NEON ANGEL – Neon Light District

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Track listing:
01. Another Kind Of Love | 02. Neon Angel | 03. Love Addiction | 04. Are You There? | 05. City Is Sleeping | 06. World On Fire | 07. Night Tripper | 08. Simon

Genre: Hard Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 08.09.20
Duration: 00:37:45
Tracks: 8

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Neon Light District is the electrifying debut album from Finnish hard rockers Neon Angel, released via Sliptrick Records on September 8th. The album has a solid foundation in the glory days of 80’s hard rock, updating that classic sound to the 2020’s. Neon Light District contains a plethora of finely crafted melodies, striking riffs and stadium worthy choruses that are sure to knock down some walls. Read more …here

Neon Angel are:
Johanna Eteläkari – Vocals | Tuomas Saari – Guitar | Juho Savikurki – Synth | Tomas Kurki – Bass | Johannes Lahti – Drums

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