Project Description

NECRO – Propaganda

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Track listing:
01. Toothless Zombie | 02. America | 03. No Mercy | 04. In My Old Age | 05. Fight Against GMO | 06. We Are The Same | 07. Superhero | 08. Propaganda | 09. Chami I Złodjeje | 10. Chwalcie Potęgę Pieniądza | 11. Too Late

Genre: Thrash Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 14.05.19
Duration: 00:41:38
Tracks: 11

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Necro write simple and literal lyrics which are sometimes playful and then twist to kick Your ass. In general, the choruses of the songs are catchy and pack a powerful, direct punch. The music is a mix of the really old school styles updated with a modern sound. The group cite Metallica, Pantera and Metal Church as major influences on their work. Read more about Propaganda …here

Necro are:
Bartek Płaszewski – Vocals | Piotr Sobaszek – Guitar | Jarek Bandurski – Bass | Marek Kamiński – Drums

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