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NANGA PARBAT – Downfall And Torment

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Track listing:
01. The Edge Of An Endless Waterfall | 02. Through A Lake Of Damnation | 03. Blood, Death And Silence | 04. Tidal Blight | 05. Demon In The Snow | 06. Obscure Rains | 07. Curse Of The Thaw | 08. Downfall And Torment | 09. Breath Of The Northern Winds

Genre: Progressive Death Metal | Melodic Death Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 23.03.21
Duration: 00:52:36
Tracks: 9

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From thunderous mountain peaks to the lightless depths of the ocean, Nanga Parbat’s very first album Downfall And Torment, aims to recreate the fragile and yet magical feeling of uncertainty that inhabits every human soul. In a world on the brink of destruction, nature’s last forces orchestrate a powerful choir, full of hatred and aggression. All creation speaks through the rhythms, the strings and the throats of the group that play the role of ancient poets, awakened by nature’s suffering. Read more …here

Nanga Parbat are:
Andrea Pedruzzi – Growl and clean Vocals | Flavio Cicconi – Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar | Edoardo Sterpetti – Electric Guitar/Orchestration | Enrico Sandri – Bass Guitar | Giulio Galati – Drums

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