Project Description

MUDD FLUX – Light The Skies Electric

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Track listing:
01. Loadout | 02. All I Am (Am I) | 03. Burn Me On | 04. Beyond Our Horizon | 05. Cosmic I | 06. Beneath Broad Sails | 07. Carousel

Genre: Metal | Post Modern Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 10.12.19
Tracks: 7

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“Revels of soul; this is righteousness in full form.” A debut album that personifies the thunderous, articulate roar dwelling deep in an atmospheric space of soaring heart-stopping vocals. A “blurred line between hard rock and modern metal.” Light The Skies Electric delivers what generations of music has forged into the rise of a modern classic. 

Mudd Flux are:
Becky Scheufler – Vocals | Jason Gautney – Guitar | Richard Young – Bass | Zachary Kuder – Drums

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