LESLIE RIPP – The Riddle Of Steel

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Track listing:
01. Flesh And Burn | 02. The Sword And The Crown | 03. Eye Of The Serpent | 04. Battle Heart | 05. Thulsa Doom | 06. The Riddle Of Steel | 07. The Tree Of Woe | 08. Kingdom Crom | 09. Thief In The Night | 10. Valeria

Genre: Instrumental Rock | Instrumental Metal | Melodic Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 28.06.22
Duration: 00:41:50
Tracks: 10

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The Riddle Of Steel is another power packed solo album by US rock/metal/blues, guitarist, Leslie Ripp. Keeping up with his tradition of original instrumental compositions, Leslie not only showcases his unique guitar playing style and sound, but also tries to provide the listener with a musical escape from the mundane burdens of everyday living to a place of fantasy and adventure. The album was inspired by the 1982 film classic ‘Conan The Barbarian’, based on the fictional character created by the late Robert E. Howard and written/directed by John Milius and Oliver Stone …read more

Leslie Ripp is:
Leslie Ripp – Guitar/Drums/Percussion/Bass/Keyboard/Piano

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