LESLIE RIPP – Circle Of Fifths

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Track listing:
01. Fallen Angel | 02. Periwinkle | 03. Widow Maker | 04. Clash Of The Titans | 05. Thunder Alley Jam | 06. Circle Of Fifths | 07. Leslie Plays The Blues | 08. Shanghai | 09. Out From The Ashes | 10. Some Like It Hot

Genre: Instrumental | Rock | Metal | Melodic Metal | Blues
Released by: Sliptrick Records 21.07.20
Duration: 00:37:20
Tracks: 10

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One of a series of solo album projects by guitar virtuoso Leslie RippCircle Of Fifths is comprised of ten original instrumental tracks showcasing Leslie’s unique guitar playing style and sound. The songs are theme based and composed to take you on a musical journey through the different genres of rock, metal, and blues. Powerful and engaging, the album will not only appeal to guitar enthusiasts, but to the average listener as well. Read more …here

Leslie Ripp is:
Leslie Ripp – Guitar/Drums/Percussion/Bass/Keyboard/Piano

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