ISOSPIN – Aftermath Chronicles

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Track listing:
01. Aftermath Chronicles (Intro) | 02. Seven Of Hearts | 03. Judgement Day | 04. Thorns | 05. Bloodborne | 06. Tempest | 07. Fire In The Sky | 08. Veil Of Lies | 09. A Wanderer’s Lament

Genre: Progressive Metal | Heavy Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 30.04.24
Duration: 00:43:16 | Tracks: 9

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Aftermath Chronicles, from Australian metal group Isospin, delivers a sonic odyssey, transporting listeners into the desolate realms of a post-apocalyptic universe. Within its haunting melodies and thunderous rhythms lies a narrative of survival, resilience, and the enduring quest for hope amidst the wreckage. Each track paints a vivid tableau of a world torn asunder, yet teeming with the indomitable spirit of humanity …read more

Isospin are:
Ilias Papadopoulos – Instruments/Orchestration | Raphael Silva – Vocals/Piano

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