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Track listing:
01. Control | 02. CoKeta Molly | 03. Ratwater | 04. Frégoli | 05. Into The Mouth Of Rán | 06. Venus, La Atrapamoscas | 07. El Culto Al Hongo Azul | 08. Sleepyhead | 09. …Son Demasiados Harrys | 10. Trite | 11. ʘ | 12. O Light Of Dawn

Genre: Eclectic Rock | Experimental Rock | Progressive Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 02.03.21
Duration: 00:49:23
Tracks: 12

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Fuu is the first full-length album by the Costa Rica based band Hongo Fuu, after the previous independent release of two EPs. Fusion and experimentation are where the album is rooted; as a catalyst of the insights from each of the four members of the band, Fuu is the final product of this “ontology of becoming” alchemical process. It’s a manifestation from melding their diverse individual cosmic visions, poured into a 12-track album with lyrics in Spanish, English, German and Latin text quotations, and which defies the labels of music genres into a more experimental and visceral approach to music. Read more …here

Hongo Fuu are:
Félix Arburola – Guitar/Vocals | Guillermo Meneses – Bass/Vocals | Héctor Romero – Guitar/Vocals | Ariel Uzaga – Drums/Vocals

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