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HELENA ALEKSANDRE’S – Angels Don’t Sleep

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Track listing:
01. I Killed My Fear | 02. Где же ты мой ангел (Where You My Angel) | 03. Tears Of Rain | 04. Tell Me For What | 05. Point Of Collection | 06. Polar Night | 07. You Can Find A Way | 08. Ангелы не спят (Angels Don’t Sleep)

Genre: Folk | Metal | Instrumental | Progressive Hard Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 24.11.20
Duration: 00:33:00
Tracks: 8

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Angels Don’t Sleep, their first studio and debut album, was written by Helena for her band Helena Aleksandre’s. A great feature of the music is in it’s originality and the uniting of several styles such as folk, rock, metal, hard rock and progressive. Read more …here

Helena Aleksandre’s are:
Helena Aleksandre – Guitar | Vera Moore – Vocals | Stasy Short – Classical Guitar | Ekaterina Babkina – Bass Guitar

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