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HEAT OF DAMAGE – Cataclysm

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Track listing:
01. Siegfried’s Last Bow | 02. Thoughts & Prayers | 03. Mind Over Matter | 04. Nightgrowler | 05. Systematic (The Real End) | 06. Guardian Angel | 07. Beholding The Tempest | 08. Voyage To The Highlands | 09. Damnation

Genre: Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 02.04.19
Duration: 00:59:46
Tracks: 9

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Cataclysm is a dark and progressive blend of a variety of heavy music. Heat Of Damage crosses aggressive styles such as thrash metal, groove metal, hardcore, and even stoner metal. Each track keeps a consistent sound of heavy metal with tight vocal chemistry, infectious instrumentation and captivating songwriting that is driving yet unpredictable. While spinning down a wild path of chaotic elements, the album can effortlessly do the opposite and immerse you in an emotional whirlwind of blissful melody. Read more about Cataclysm …here

Heat Of Damage are:
Julian Bohland – Drums | Jared Easter – Bass/Hardcore Vocals | David Haug – Vocals | Nick Lassalette – Guitar

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