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HEARTACHE – The Sinner

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Released by: Sliptrick Records 29.11.19
Format: Online Single
Genre: Progressive Rock | Progressive Metal

The Sinner is the first single released by Italian progressive group Heartache since 2016’s album Skyscrapers And Firefalls. The band explain; “The Sinner tells the story of a Commander and his own struggle between the duty to be a leader that guides his troops with steadiness and courage and the fear to sacrifice his soldiers lives for no reason but greed.

He calls himself a sinner when he’s alone in a bed ‘full of shame’ and pretends to talk to his parents to find consolation and a shelter from his doubts, the music that surrounds this intimate moment it’s characterized by an electronic loop and ethereal guitars that merge with a pulsating rhythmic session. When The Sinner is in front of the troops his attitude changes along with the music and he shows his self-confidence through a pretentious speech that hides his inner fears, but he knows that his words are empty.

The duality and the deceiving are the central ideas of the song and this themes will be dealt also in the future releases of the band which will continue this path exploring other perspectives.”

The Sinner | Released November 29th 2019 via Sliptrick Records

Heartache are:
Luca Aldisio – Lead Vocals/Flute/Acoustic Guitar | Matteo Palladini – Lead Vocals/Guitar/Backing Vocals | Alessandro Ippoliti – Keyboards | Miriam Pauletto – Bass | Alessandro Giordano – Drums/Percussion

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