GHOST IN THE MACHINE – Journey To The Otherwise

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Track listing:
01. Unstoppable (Bloody Cleats Mix) | 02. Supernatural (Charmed Mix) | 03. Muevete | 04. Virus | 05. Sunny Day | 06. Color Of Desire | 07. Indecision | 08. Cuts Like A Knife | 09. Lies (The Truth Mix)

Genre: Rocktronica | Alternative | Post Industrial
Released by: Sliptrick Records 11.01.22
Duration: 00:35:02
Tracks: 9

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The new album from US rocktronica project Ghost In The Machine is called Journey to the Otherwise and is familiar yet different, subtle yet strong and mysterious yet exoteric. It is an intense musical experience, defying categorization but captivating lyrically in a time where the world has seemingly flipped upside down with a pandemic and social and political insanity …read more

Ghost In The Machine are:
C4 – Vocals/Programming/Guitars/Hair | Face – Bass/Programming/Vocals/Glares/Stares

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