Project Description

FULLMÅNE – Lurking In The Dark

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Track listing:
01. The World Will Burn | 02. Cut Me Open | 03. Space 1 | 04. Lurking In The Dark | 05. Break Away | 06. Addicted N Broke | 07. Space 2

Genre: Black Metal | Punk | Space Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 16.03.21
Duration: 00:23:24
Tracks: 7

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Warping electronic keyboards hover over the songs like a trippy horror movie that just wont leave. A mystical eerie atmosphere on top of the otherwise very punky street vibe type black metal. Lurking In The Dark is a unique piece of music, especially in metal, because it is both old-school and experimental at the same time. Its lo-fi and 100% DIY produced, very raw and real, yet kind of catchy, atmospheric and not afraid to try new things. An interesting mix of genres and influences well sown together. Read more …here

Fullmåne is:
Mad Moonshine Mattis AKA Pyroman (Pyromaniac) – All music

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