FRAU FLEISCHER – When The Sun’s Down

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Track listing:
01. Sacrifice | 02. Holy Crown | 03. Piece of Meat | 04. Baby I’m Free | 05. Infierno | 06. Bagarre | 07. Bloody Curls | 08. A Boy Was Shot | 09. Bad Girl

Genre: Industrial | Metal | Cabaret
Released by: Sliptrick Records 23.11.21
Duration: 00:35:52
Tracks: 9

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As a journey through the pains of a body, Frau Fleischer is screaming loud vengeance to the violent rapists of the soul, that everywhere around us are trying to break us down. Like the sound of a steak thrown heavily on a white canvas, we must bleed out the darkness to reach the dancing floor and, together with you, transform this pain into our own powerful cry. Sexually tasty and like the beat of a rotten hearth, the music of Frau Fleischer will make you to stand up and dance energetically, freeing your mind from the harshness of everyday’s life …read more

Frau Fleischer are:
Gabriel Daimon – Vocals | Gregory Lambert – Guitar | Franz Schultz – Electronics

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