ETHEREAL FLAMES – Myths And Legends Of Our Land

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Track listing:
01. Desperate Girl | 02. The Holy House | 03. Metauro’s Battle | 04. Restless Knight | 05. The Witch Of Farneta | 06. Two Sad Lovers | 07. The Queen Sibilla | 08. Pilato’s Lake

Genre: Symphonic Power Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 23.04.24
Tracks: 8

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Throughout Myths And Legends Of Our LandEthereal Flames weave tales that range from the legendary Guerin Meschino, the knight errant enchanted by the Sibyl, to the legendary figure of the Sibyl herself, protector and finally avenger betrayed by her protégés. Their narrative extends to the tragic story of Laura di Farneta, unjustly accused of witchcraft, and to the mysterious journeys of the Holy House of Mary, to the point of recalling the decisive battle of the Metauro and the wandering destiny of Pilate …read more

Ethereal Flames are:
Alessandro Binotti – Vocals/Lead Guitar | Andrea Palmieri – Rythm/Lead Guitar | Matteo Brillarelli – Bass Guitar | Thomas Mencarelli – Drum

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