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DOAN – Stupidity Kills

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Track listing:
01. Some Kind Of | 02. Wrong Number | 03. Step Back | 04. The Sheeps | 05. Madness Or Reason | 06. We Belong To | 07. False Reality | 08. Happy Sobriety | 09. The Sames

Genre: Alternative Metal | Progressive Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 23.04.19
Duration: 00:45:36
Tracks: 9

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Doan’s first album is entitled Stupidity Kills. The title itself is a resume of the lyrics in general which are themed around humanity’s foolishness. The album was recorded and mixed by Doan guitarist Nicholas Roy. The band hired Luc Tellier to do the mastering of the album. The artwork of the cover has been made by Roberto Garcia, a really talented multidisciplinary artist and longtime friend of the band. Doan asked Roberto to express the abuse of humanity against is own home, the earth. Read more about Stupidity Kills …here

Doan are:
Diane Thibault – Vocals | Olivier Roy – Drums | Andre Labrecque – Bass | Nicholas Roy – Guitar

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