DEMOGORGON – A Hate For All That Grows

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Track listing:
01. Melancholia | 02. Omega | 03. Soul Blight | 04. Light’s Bane | 05. A Hate For All That Grows | 06. Self-Destruct For Satan | 07. The Apocalypse Machine | 08. Total Fucking Hell | 09. Cold

Genre: Black Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 21.11.23
Duration: 00:47:33 | Tracks: 9

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Once again, written, recorded and produced completely by Demogorgon himself, A Hate For All That Grows brings forth more pure Australian black metal with new influences including classical, thrash, and dungeon synth in both composition and performance. A Hate For All That Grows brings nine new tracks of nihilism and contempt for light, life and mankind …read more

Demogorgon is:
Demogorgon – Vocals/All Instruments

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