Project Description

CRYOSPHERE – Constellations

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Track listing:
01. Into Decay | 02. I Am Become Death | 03. Nevermore | 04. Ashes To Ashes | 05. Constellations

Genre: Melodic Metal | Alternative Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 23.06.20
Duration: 00:22:34
Tracks: 5

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Following a turbulent personal time, Cryosphere has managed to channel all of their feelings into raw new material, for which they took time off during the winter and early spring to complete. The finished product raises the stakes in the bands evolution invoking the bands traditional symphonic metal and hardcore but placed in their own musical playground with room for sheer emotion. Read more …here

Cryosphere are:
Sirene – Vocals | Anders Elleskov – Vocals | Emil Lund Tronborg – Guitar

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