Project Description

BURY THE KINGDOM – Bury The Kingdom

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Track listing:
01. War | 02. Force Fed | 03. The Unveiling | 04. Bury The Kingdom

Genre: Death Metal | Deathcore | Technical Death Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 07.06.22
Duration: 00:18:37
Tracks: 4

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Bury The Kingdom attacks each toxic entity with stinging lyrics, delivered aggressively (courtesy of Vox), that are straight from the heart. The message is the most important ingredient to the band but the tracks are accompanied by unrelenting rhythms that move the messages forward and will have you banging your head …read more

Bury The Kingdom are:
Vox – Vocals | Skin – Drums | Grind – Guitar | Shred – Guitar | Low – Bass

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