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Track listing:
01. Eternity | 02. No Right To Escape | 03. Invoke | 04. My Sorrow| 05. Ghost In The Mirror | 06. My Way Is Lost | 07. Checkmate | 08. Where Is My Heaven | 09. Black And White | 10. Cliche | 11. Never Say Never | 12. Between The Heaven And Hell | 13. Rest In Dreams

Genre: Metalcore | Electronic
Released by: Sliptrick Records 29.03.19
Duration: 00:39:44
Tracks: 13

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The BrightDelight members come from vastly different backgrounds and listen to different music style. For example, Stan (drummer) listens to a lot of deathcore, which is kinda extreme for others, but everyone tries to keep their ears and hearts open at all times, so there is a mix of classic rock, metalcore, post-hardcore and everything else on Invoke, the Russian bands new album. As their first album was metalcore, the band like to jokingly refer to Invoke as post-metalcore. Read more about Invoke …here

BrightDelight are:
Aleksandr Arkhipkin – Vocals | Aleksandr Telganov – Vocals | Denis Kirsanov – Bass | Stanislav Nikitashin – Drums | Mikhail Fogel – Guitar

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