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From the album: Invoke
Format: Online Single
Genre: Metalcore | Electronic

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BrightDelight have released their first single Checkmate from their second album Invoke due out via Sliptrick Records on March 29th, 2019. The record was DIY-produced during 2018.

Checkmate is a first glance at what BrightDelight have been cooking for a long time. Since they’ve released their debut album and had a taste of live shows, they were thinking what would come next. This thirst for the greater unknown was their main motivation to go further, higher and bigger. And there comes a look at that bigger picture. The knowledge that one of your steps could define much more than you see. And the patience to think before going ahead. “Just like in chess,” — commented Stan, the drummer — “You are playing and you have different kinds of chess pieces on board. So you think, what could help you the most. And you are considering not only the next step but the whole game?. So life is essentially just a game of chess. You play and eventually, you hope to say “checkmate, sir!”

Invoke | Released Mar 29th 2019 via Sliptrick Records

BrightDelight are:
Aleksandr Arkhipkin – Vocals | Aleksandr Telganov – Vocals | Denis Kirsanov – Bass | Stanislav Nikitashin – Drums | Mikhail Fogel – Guitar

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