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BOFO KWO – Space/Time Carnivorium

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Track listing:
01. Plate of Hate | 02. Second Sun | 03. Epic | 04. New Destination | 05. Green Leviathan | 06. Bullets of Despair | 07. The Massacre

Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 30.06.20
Duration: 00:44:37
Tracks: 7

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Space/Time Carnivorium is the first full length album from Finland’s very own Bofo Kwo. Since their start in 2014, their unique sound following the adventures of three “cannibals” through their journey, has swept across the planet. This album marks their return to space through time. With symphonic black metal landscapes, mixed with punk, grunge and classic blast beats, Bofo Kwo has created a unique sound in the extreme metal world.

Bofo Kwo are:
Ted Egger (Bofo Kwo) – Vocals | Janne Winther (Bomari) – Backing Vocals | Kimmo Lindholm (Wamufo) – Lead Guitar | Elmo Winther (Lord Elmonioz)– Backing Vocals

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