Project Description

BOFO KWO – Second Sun

From the album: Space/Time Carnivorium
Format: Online Single
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal

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Second Sun is the 6th Chapter of the ongoing novella about Bofo Kwo and his family. His adventures take him through space in a journey that contains consumption of flesh and powers. This is also the second Track on the upcoming Album that is titled Space/Time Carnivorium. It follows Bofo Kwo, Bomari, and Wamufo’s arrival and hunt on a brand new planet which has two suns and several creatures & vegetation.

Music written by: Ted Egger & Kimmo Lindholm
Lyrics written by: Ted Egger & Kimmo Lindholm, Janne Winther
All instruments recorded and arranged by: Kimmo Lindholm
Vocals Recorded by Ted Egger & Janne Winther
Produced by Kimmo Lindholm at Post-apocalypse Bofo Kwo bombshelter – Helsinki, Finland
Audio Mastered by Kimmo Lindholm

Space/Time Carnivorium | Released TBA 2019 via Sliptrick Records

Bofo Kwo are:
Ted Egger (Bofo Kwo) – Vocals | Janne Winther (Bomari) – Backing Vocals | Kimmo Lindholm (Wamufo) – Lead Guitar

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