AVALANCHE – Sent From Hell

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Track listing:
01. Sold My Soul | 02. Balls Deep | 03. On Your Back | 04. Head First In Hell | 05. Run Like Hell [Live] | 06. Head First In Hell [Live] | 07. Get Back (To Fuckwit City) [Live] | 08. Down In the Gutter [Live]

Genre: Hard Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 26.11.19
Duration: 00:35:16
Tracks: 8

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Avalanche present 8 tracks that are a wild attack on the senses, hailing from themes of sin, sex and damnation and their debut maxi-EP, Sent From Hell, is the ultimate statement from a young band who live and breathe rock n’ roll. On the back of 2 successful single releases, a growing list of followers across social media and a plethora of shows played over recent months, this EP is the start of a long and prosperous road ahead for the group. Read more …here

Avalanche are:
Steven Campbell – Vocals/Bass | Veronica ‘V’ Taleski – Lead Guitar | Arthur Divis – Rhythm Guitar | Ryan Roma – Drums

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