ASHES COLLIDE – Don’t Wake Me Up

Featuring special guest: Alexey Mogilevsky

Track: Don’t Wake Me Up
Format: Online Single
Genre: Alternative Rock

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Russian alternative rock group Ashes Collide have released a brand new single and their first original material since their EP First Collide (…more here). Here’s what the band had to say; “This is rock ballad about a person for whom the search for meaning is more important than the meaning itself. About doubts and self-deception, from which you really do not want to run away.”

About the special guest:
Alexey Mogilevsky is a Russian musician, composer, poet, arranger, radio host. Best known as a member of the cult Russian rock group Nautilus Pompilius.

The cover was made by lead vocalist Mafra Savchenko.

Don’t Wake Me Up (SI) | Released Feb 22nd 2019 via Sliptrick Records

Ashes Collide are:
Marfa Savchenko – Vocals | Nikita Frolov – Guitar | Roman Vtorov – Bass | Aleksandr Kolchin – Drums

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