ARSHENIC – Dear Remorse

From the album: Final Collision
Released by: Sliptrick Records 15.05.19
Format: Online Single/Official Video
Genre: Rock/Metal | Alternative Metal

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Dear Remorse is a music video from Arshenic’s forthcoming album Final Collision. The song has a doom-gothic aesthetic with female lead vocals, background screams and symphonic nuances.

The story behind the clip is referring to relationships between people living in their physical bodies and other non-physical entities like ghosts, angels or demons, presences of which all of us may sometimes experience. It also can be seen as a expression of loss, despair and abandonment when someone close to us disappears from our life.

Final Collision | Released August 20th 2019 via Sliptrick Records

Arshenic are:
Oliwia Bartuś-Staszak „Ofilia” – Vocal/Lyrics | Włodzimierz Czuba „Vlad” – Electric Guitar | Marek Turło – Bass Guitar | Bartosz Staszak – Drums

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