Project Description

ADLIGA – Kali Paciače Nieba

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Track listing:
01. Vandroŭnik | 02. Nakanavannie | 03. Kali Pacіače Nіeba | 04. Buraviesnik | 05. Boj

Genre: Doom Metal | Post Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 01.12.20
Duration: 00:26:01
Tracks: 5

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Kali Paciače Nieba is a debut EP of the Belarusian post/doom-metal band Adliga (Eng: ‘thaw’). Exploring classic doom metal themes of fate, loneliness, struggle, decline and collapse, each song wraps the subjects and styles into a unique form that melts post-metal and doom-metal with lyrics inspired by Belarusian literature, folklore and poetry. Kali Paciače Nieba consists of 3 main songs and 2 instrumental bridges (Nakanavannie and Buraviesnik), sewing all the material together into one epic canvas. Read more …here

Adliga are:
Kate Sidelova – Vocals | Uladzimir Burylau – Guitars/Vocals | Ignat Pomazkov – Guitars | Roman Petrashkevich – Bass | Artem Voronko – Drums

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