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6th COUNTED MURDER – Individual

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Track listing:
01. Individual Born | 02. Syncopate | 03. Scent of Despair | 04. Near Death Experience | 05. Berserk | 06. She | 07. Brutal Engaged Abuse | 08. Cloud Nine | 09. Apocalypse in Human Features | 10. House of Lies

Genre: Thrash | Prog | Death Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 08.02.19
Duration: 00:50:30
Tracks: 10

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Individual features ten tracks that combine aggression and technique, where each member of 6th Counted Murder had the complete freedom to participate in the writing and arranging process, thus creating a unique metal style. All the songs were recorded in the band’s exclusive headquarters, the Basement Studios, and produced at Domination Studios the mix and mastering entrusted to Simone Mularoni. So turn up the volume, and surrender yourself to the next murder. Read more about Individual …here

6th Counted Murder are:
Simone Dalamar Paga – Vocals | Andrea P. Moretti – Guitars | Marzio Corona – Guitars | Alessandro Ferraris – Bass | Gianluca D’Andria – Drums

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