The new album Rebelism, from Rebel Collective, stands out as the quartets most musically flexible album, in terms of genre, to date. The purpose of this album is to show an another side of the Swedish booze hounds and the wide range of inspiration that the group are surrounded by in both music and life.

The album’s music is very heavy with fuzzy songs like In Orbit, The Void and Moonlight Shinedown while still keeping the good ol’ southern rock sound with a hint of 90’s grunge to make things interesting. The first song, Switchblade, has got the typical “Rebel” ingredients, with heavy headbanging rhythm guitar combined with a fast, breathless vocal that sets the tempo of the song.

The vocals on the album have been tuned down from the usual aggressive mouthing off to a more melodic dry grungy vibe although the sound is a much more in your face experience. The band are quoted as saying; “Rebelism gets down and dirty sounding like Pantera f**king Guns ’n Roses in a redneck style as a more angry Clutch tries to get Kyuss into bed …still played by a gang of ol’ hillbillys.”

So swing your inner axe, release your inner bear and get ready to disappear in the moonlight….

Rebelism | Released May 7th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Switchblade | 02. T-Rex | 03. Gasoline | 04. Moonlight Shinedown | 05. The World Is Mine | 06. Crusader | 07. Valentine | 08. The Void | 09. Romantic Related Collapse | 10. In Orbit | 11. Halo | 12. Travelling Man

Rebel Collective are:
Otto – Drums | Een – Bass | Hasse – Vocals | Genz – Guitar

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | Twitter | On Sliptrick