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Rainfall Today – Eternal
01. Never Never | 02. Hate | 03. Gravity | 04. Вдвоем (To Get Her) | 05. Eternal Emotion | 06. Wife On Mars | 07. Headshot | 08. Deeptown | 09. It’s Time To New Life | 10. The End | 11. Не Убежать (Do Not Run Away)

Genre: Alternative Metal | Alternative Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 28.06.18
Duration: 00:38:02
Tracks: 11

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Russian alternative rock/metal band Rainfall Today arrive with their debut album Eternal available in all the standard formats worldwide via Sliptrick Records. Citing influences such as including Asking Alexandria, Evanescence, Deftones and Alice In Chains to name a few, it gives an indication toward their hard modern sound topped with strong melodies and performances. Following on the heels of their first independently released EP In Your Head (2016), Eternal is the bands first full-length offering. Read more about Eternal …here

Rainfall Today are:
Yana Samarina – Vocals | Dmitriy (Sam) Samsonenko – Guitar | Alexander Prokhorov – Guitar | Alexander Korolev – Keyboards/Electronic

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