24 hours a day – all radio, all Sliptrick!

Every 30 minutes features a track from a new or upcoming release. Listen out for the radio static!

Radio Sliptrick features various artists exclusively from the Sliptrick Records roster. Featuring new as well as older tracks plus previews for forthcoming releases. If you wish to continue listening to Radio Sliptrick but also want to continue browsing, use the “pop-up” tag in the top right of the player (next to the “like” button) to open it in a new smaller window.

If you wish to see a list of the recent tracks played on Radio Sliptrick and other useful features such as embed-able code for the player, you can visit our dedicated radio landing page at Radionomy …here

You can also download the .m3u link and simply load the station in your own media player: …here

Radio Sliptrick may occasionally experience downtime during updates or maintenance. Please be patient or check back later should that be the case.