PROJECT SILENCE Maxi-EP ‘Infinity’ – Out Today!

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Project Silence – Infinity
01. We Will Rise | 02. From Beyond | 03. No More | 04. Forgotten | 05. Pulse | 06. Anthropophagite | 07. Day Of Reckoning

Genre: Industrial Metal | Black/Extreme Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 28.09.18
Duration: 00:29:18
Tracks: 7

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Released via Sliptrick Records in online format only!

Infinity is a return to the band’s roots, featuring more industrial sounds fused to electro-metal elements, at the same time the maxi-EP contains some of the bands heaviest and fastest tracks to date, mixing technical death, black and industrial metal that will please fans of Decapitated, Dimmu Borgir and Fear Factory. Read more about Infinity …here

Project Silence are:
Delacroix – Vocals/Keyboards/Programming | J – Guitar | S – Guitar | Silve_R – Drums | Sturmpanzerjäger – Bass/Backing vocals

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Soundcloud | On Sliptrick

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