We have some fantastic releases coming up soon and some of these products are already available to pre-order at Shop Sliptrick hosted on our sister site over at Dead Pulse. Check out our Release Schedule for the latest dates showing all our confirmed upcoming release.

On Pre-Order now:
Jan 16 | Word Of Life – Jahbulon | LP | Pre-order here
Feb 13 | Denied – Freedom Of Speech | LP | Pre-order here
Feb 20 | Triverse Massacre – Hades | EP | Pre-order here
Mar 13 | Saber Tiger – Bystander Effect | LP | Pre-order here

Dead Pulse Shop
In the Dead Pulse Shop you’ll find most releases available from the record labels within our group. You can shop by individual label or simply enter the main Dead Pulse Shop portal to find every release available across all the labels.

Sliptrick Records – Awesome Mix
If you happen to be on the Shop Sliptrick page, you can’t go far wrong than try our regular free download, Sliptrick Records – Awesome Mix (Vol. whichever number). We select 5 tracks from our current charting tracks playlist which is available in one download package from the Shop Sliptrick store, hosted on Dead Pulse. And here’s the best part …it’s always completely free.

Shop Links: Shop Sliptrick Records | Dead Pulse Shop