Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week:

Parole Perse (CH) Post-Metal | Post-Death-Metal
Atrium Noctis (DE) Symphonic Dark | Black Metal
Stairs Of Life (IT) Psychedelic Rock | Alternative Rock

Parole Perse
Swiss group Parole Perse is an entity able to mold and evolve through time. Starting from the first self titled demo in 2012 through to the last release, My Presence, The Shades. In 2014, lineup changes altered the balance, creating an awareness of the band’s strength. Now their new sound is ready to be launched, a shockwave of powerful music characterized by tones of light and dark expressing the particular moment that marked the remaining members’ creativity phase of this new entity. Parole Perse will release their forthcoming album, Epicentrum, later in the year via Sliptrick Records.

“Parole Perse is presence …Parole Perse is wave …Parole Perse is determination …Parole Perse is force!”

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram

Atrium Noctis
Atrium Noctis play music which has its roots in symphonic dark and black metal. Influences from classical music mix with elements from Pagan Metal to create a unique sound and a special sheen of glamour to their output. Their songs contain melancholic, hymnic and sentimental passages with epic and colourful nuances enriching everything as a whole. Atrium Noctis love big sound pictures and have largely unbridled themselves from the genre limits of black metal. The group also feature multiple singers which guarantee a wide range of vocal diversity in combination with the German lyrics. This is a band that has fully dedicated itself to a melodic and sweeping sound and the new album, Aeterni, will only enhance their reputation.

Aeterni | Released Sept 9th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Band links: Official Website | Facebook

Stairs Of Life
Italian Alternative Rock band, Stairs Of Life were formed a year ago by multi-instrumentalist Luca Aldisio. After various trials and tribulations, experiments and line-up changes, the group dived into the studio to start recording. The quartet of Luca (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Flute), Giordano Maselli (Bass Keyboards and Synthesist), Alessio Erriu (Electric Guitar) and Fabio Vitiello (Drums) recorded their first EP from the need to start writing their own music and to convey through the songs their own artistic sensibilities and ideas. The mini album, The Man In A Glass, has influences from all types of rock from the Progressive through to Psychedelic finally creating a type of Rock Alternative. The Man In A Glass will be released through Sliptrick Records.

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram