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Suburban Rock Inferno #1

Lördagen den 26/11 kommer Sandstream Management (Marko Koivuranta och William Håkansson) tillsammans med Sliptrick Records att ordna en hel dag med Rock´n Roll. Kommer att bli något ut över det vanliga. Vi kan stolt presentera band från Italien, Frankrike och Sverige. Banden som står för underhållningen är : Scarlet Violet (IT) http://www.scarletviolet.c​om/ X-Y (F) [...]

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Methadol / Anger in me [by Aristocrazia E-zine]

La passione batte decisamente il risultato ottenuto, è questo ciò che ho pensato ascoltando “Anger In Me” dei Methadol. La band transalpina dopo aver pubblicato un ep omonimo nel 2007 rilascia il suo debutto contenente dieci tracce di hard’n'heavy che basa il suo esistere e sviluppo sui clichè ormai stranoti dell’epoca Ottanta e Novanta, non [...]

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The Vendetta to be featured on Rock Band 3

Harmonix has announced they will release a track by The Vendetta for the video game “Rock Band 3″. The track is currently in the making along with new material the band is willing to release as a full lenght album in the next months. Thousands of miles far from their latest mash-up experiments, more news [...]

By |2016-11-03T12:04:58+02:00June 21st, 2011|Categories: News|

Blood calls 2 blood review by Time out

There are love ‘em / hate ‘em bands and there are love ‘em / hate ‘em / don’t understand what the fuss is about bands; The Vendetta almost certainly falls into the latter category. For five years now the band has been garnering fans that need only listen to a few seconds of their material [...]

By |2019-06-17T11:33:23+03:00May 18th, 2011|Categories: Videos|

Sliptrick Records meets TRX Cymbals

Sliptrick Records introduces a new collaboration with TRX™ Cymbal Co.— endorsing our Artists roster with the first and only line of genuine, handcrafted Turkish cymbals specifically developed to provide the extreme tonal, performance and appearance characteristics demanded by today’s progressive drummers and drumming styles. To bring this ancient art to modern artists, TRX blends our [...]

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