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Wachenfeldt currently recording new material

Wachenfeldt currently recording new material for their upcoming release. The band lately tied up in different activities (Jon touring as live drummer for Feared and Thomas recording strings for YOHIO's song for the Swedish selection for the Eurovision song contest and the orchestration and arrangement for the Entombed re-union in Gävle in february 2014) managed to [...]

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DARK MIRROR OV TRAGEDY Announce Rescheduled Dates With Fleshgod Apocalypse

Korean symphonic metal group Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy have announced the new dates supporting the excellent Italian band Fleshgod Apocalypse on the first leg of their huge European tour in 2021. The band will be appearing on all the dates from 30.09.21 to 11.10.21 which takes in Germany, France, England, Spain and Portugal. There are not [...]

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Finnish Group STONER KINGS Announce New Summer Gigs

Hard rock slackers Stoner Kings have announced plans for a series of dates in Finland, Estonia and Lithuania over the coming months. The band will be playing tracks from their recent album Alpha Male, as well as a bunch of other hard rocking, stoner classics. As we write, the concerts are still due to go ahead [...]

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Danish Group CRYOSPHERE Release New Lyrics Video ‘Into Decay’

Cryosphere have released a new lyrics video taken from their recent EP Constellations, out via Sliptrick Records on June 23rd. The track is Into Decay and talks about the struggles of being in a relationship and how persistence (amongst other things) is able to keep the relationship going and growing stronger. Cryosphere - Constellations Following a [...]

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(Jun 23rd 2020)

CRYOSPHERE - Constellations Get the CD or MP3’s at Shop Sliptrick | Track listing: 01. Into Decay | 02. I Am Become Death | 03. Nevermore | 04. Ashes To Ashes | 05. Constellations Genre: Melodic Metal | Alternative Metal Released by: Sliptrick Records 23.06.20 Duration: 00:22:34 Tracks: 5 Available now from: Shop Sliptrick | Apple Music [...]

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Ukrainian Folk Metal Group MIDGARD Join Sliptrick

Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week: Midgard (UKR) Folk Metal | Viking Metal | Fantasy Metal "From the cold northern lands, from the far darker worlds, from the altars of long-forgotten gods, they brought their bloody flags. They know the paths that lead to dangerous predators who are plagued by constant hunger. To the places [...]

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CRYOSPHERE View The Majesty Of Their ‘Constellations’ – Out Jun 23rd

Danish melodic, alternative metal group Cryosphere have a new EP arriving entitled Constellations. The songs on the EP have been made by throughout several changes in line-up (or constellations) and that is why the title is so. Following a turbulent personal time, Cryosphere has managed to channel all of their feelings into raw new material, for [...]

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I Am Who I Am
(May 26th 2020)

SONGS FROM BLACK SPIRIT - I Am Who I Am Get the CD or MP3’s at Shop Sliptrick | Available now from: Shop Sliptrick | Apple Music | Spotify | & other major stores Track listing: CD 1: 01. Saecula Obscura | 02. Love Is Blind | 03. Avalon | 04. Memories | 05. [...]

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