Pagan Interface – Megadrivesky [Official Video]
Taken from the album: Psychic Feedback & The Crystal Void | 2019

Electronic music artist Pagan Interface has released a new official video from the upcoming album Psychic Feedback & The Crystal Void due out via Sliptrick Records on November 19th.

The track is called Megadrivesky and the video stems from the idea of taking still pictures and bringing them to life, creating something for the open minded viewer to invest what he feels as per the apparently random & glitchy motions he witnesses. As with the music, Pagan Interface is trying to capture and expose some feeling of comfort, beauty and intimate space amidst the hectic life we live. The track itself reflects an idea by incorporating an industrial inspired drum beat layered with a 303 bass-line, an electric guitar, some Rhodes, as well as an 80’s inspired synth-line. The chopped vocals serving as some icing on the cake.

Here’s what lead driving force Thomas had to say about it; “The title for the track was inspired by the opening phrase from William Gibson’s Neuromancer. I felt like contrasting something absolutely natural, in most cases connected to the ultimate feeling of limitless freedom, with a little digital box (the Sega mega drive), which i resorted to as a youth as a means of escapism. Juxtaposing two things from different sources, which in the end mean the same thing to me.”

Psychic Feedback & The Crystal Void | Released November 19th 2019 via Sliptrick Records

Pagan Interface is:
Thomas Huckenholz – Producer

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