Introducing the electrifying remix album of Overman’s hit sensation It’s All Overman, expertly mixed and produced by the talented Daniele Brilliante in 2023. Experience the captivating transformation of Overman’s psychedelic rock music into pulsating club and house beats. Each track has been meticulously reimagined, infusing the original melodies with a fresh, vibrant energy that will ignite the dance floor.

Step into a new dimension of sound as the soulful essence of Overman’s music intertwines with infectious rhythms, delivering an exhilarating sonic journey for music enthusiasts everywhere.

Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the reinvigorated sounds of Overman. Get ready to groove to the hypnotic beats of the It’s All Overman remix album, where timeless rock melodies meet the pulsating heart of the dance floor.

01. Good Morning Chat Part II (Driveinmix) | 02. Desert Ship (Gainof7mix) | 03. Lies Don’t Lie (Innaspacemix) | 04. Cut The Cheese (Workoutmix) | 05. Good Morning Chat Part I (Breakfastmix) | 06. Searching (Bathtubmix) | 07. Flatgun (Zoomix) | 08. It Is All Overman (Overmix)

It’s All Overman (Remix Album) | Released January 26th, 2024 via Sliptrick Records

Overman is:
Christoph Wollmann – Vocals | Hauke Drews – Bass | Jan-Marc Ivers – Drums/Guitars/Keyboards

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick