The Italian studio-band, Obscura Amentia formed with the initial intention to write their own brand of Black Metal songs. The idea was to delve into the raw and atmospheric taking inspiration from Italian legends, horror images, ancient tales and create a musical style that would lean towards the melancholy and melodic. The lyrics are influenced deeply by literature and reflect their thoughts and feelings upon things such as the rediscovery of nature from the point of view of perfect harmony and confrontation with humanity.

The band are willfully vague about themselves and prefer to let their music speak for itself whilst offering a more poetic and prosaic approach to self promotion. It is important for the band that you understand, not the words or the sounds, but how their music feels. And so it is with the release of The Art Of The Human Decadence.

On The Art Of The Human Decadence, the band reflect human being’s constant struggle with himself. In the bands own words “He chases the benefits of progress but at the same time, he is suffocated by it. Away from the embrace of Nature, he contemplates his malaise, his seed. This seed digs and grows in the bowels of the human race, bringing it to a silent despair. Then it blooms arriving at the peak of apathy; all because Man has forgotten the his quiet footsteps, no longer feeling his roots, no longer sharing his sighs with the waves of the ocean. This is the core theme of the album, Man’s whole experience, inspired by the literature of the last centuries, plus feelings and excerpts of our own lives.”

The Art Of The Human Decadence | Released April 4th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Ocean | 02. Entropy | 03. The Art Of The Human Decadence | 04. Agony | 05. Broken | 06. Apathy | 07. Sentenced | 08. King | 09. Ananke

The Art Of The Human Decadence was recorded, mixed, mastered by Black Charm.

Obscura Amentia are:
Hel – Vocals | Black Charm – All and drum programming

Band links: Facebook | Youtube