While currently working on their new videoclip, off the album ‘Dentro me’, Notturna releases their third creative work
worldwide this month.The track featured will be ‘Viento Soplame lejos’

Dark Melodic Rock drawing different Musical and Cultural influences, Notturna is a project started by Michele Rizzi
in 1987,
that evolved through the years till the third album titled ‘Dentro me’.

Notturna blends a veteran rock sound tinged in black with hints of Prog, managing to pack a solid album that sounds fresh and contemporary. [includes one instrumental track]

Lead singer and guitarist Michele Rizzi started Notturna in 1987 and since then always got positive feedback from the media,
due to the outstanding balance of Italian sung Dark Melodic Rock and different Musical/Cultural influences

Through their path, Notturna won several contests and played different stages [i.e. Palatrussardi and Forum, in Milan],
letting their career growing till their first release ‘Un’altra luna’

Eventually, they got back playing in 1996 -after few years of hiatus- with a new line-up, expanding horizons and artistic approaches,
culminating in the release of the 2nd recording session

Though, the first official album ‘Illusioni’ saw the light in 1998, remixed by Fulvio Zafret, co-produced and distributed in
collaboration with Guerrino Perovich, for Bluetattomusic label in Trieste.

Through ‘Illusioni’, Notturna was nominated ‘best new rock band of 1999’ by the national radio network, Radio 105.
and from 1999 to 2001 Notturna played shows opening for Timoria, Tiromancino and Meganoidi.

Their second official album “Le Tue Ali” was then released in November 2005 by Musical Box srl/Frontiers distribution.