Notturna – Sangue e Amore
Genre: Rock | New Romantic Rock | Progressive
Released by: Sliptrick Records 11.01.18

Italian romantic rock group, Notturna, return with their first new material of 2018. The sweeping sounds and lush textures of Sangue e Amore show the band at their very best and still at the height of their powers. The track is also accompanied by a new official video featuring lush locations and exotic imagery.

Description by Michele Rizzi of Notturna:
To lose and change, or let her go to her destiny. The courage to “make me small” for her, coming to understand. It remains only in the awareness that she has never really seen you, she never felt the love you felt, that it was not to suffocate her but rather to support her – a hug not a chain. A thought after living and writing a marvelous, and at the same time, destructive parenthesis. As if everything was just a dream turned into a nightmare of the soul.

Notturna are:
Michele Rizzi – Vocals/Guitar | Giuseppe Mechi – Bass | Christian Hirsch – Drums

Band pages: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | On Sliptrick

Notturna – Sangue e Amore (Official Video)
Video Directed by: Francesco Termini
Video Editing: Francesco Termini & Michele Rizzi
Make Up Artist: Federica Miani
Starring: Alice Vesoti