The new album from US hard rock group Never Elected is entitled Turbulent and it is a collection of pages torn off a diary of the vocalist Sujit Kumar, which talk about turbulent experiences from his dark past. He calls it ‘a form of therapy’ and every song has a story attached to a turbulent time of his life. While one song talks about dealing with self doubt and depression, another is of a failed suicide attempt.

The process of writing Turbulent was a tough one, with Sujit revisiting some terribly dark times and recalling some of his worst nightmares. The lyrics are kept simple and honest and are delivered on a bed of sweet riffs and edgy guitar playing.

Never Elected was formed by Sujit Kumar and Altan Aydin with a common love for all things grunge and rock n roll. Dr. T brings the low end with melodic bass riffs and rounds off the sound with Wesley Meyer being a driving force seated behind the drums. The group strive to write and release thought provoking material based on socio-political themes.

01. All Rise | 02. Hate Breeds Hate | 03. It’s Over | 04. So Damn Easy | 05. Time | 06. Stab Me | 07. Voice Inside | 08. Tolerance Broken | 09. All My Life | 10. Death Complaint | 11. One Of These Days

Turbulent | Released December 12th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

Never Elected are:
Sujit Kumar – Vocals | Dr T – Bass | Altan Aydin – Guitars | Wesley Meyer – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick