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Neutral Bombs – Pretend To Fly
01. Still Shout | 02. No Attitude | 03. Alive And Well | 04. Dancing In The Moonlight | 05. Never | 06. Exit | 07. Raise Your Glass (Not Your Phone) | 08. Fights | 09. Pride | 10. Ship Of Fools | 11. Wait Too Long

Genre: Punk Rock | Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 26.06.18
Duration: 00:35:42
Tracks: 11

Neutral Bombs – Raise Your Glass (Not Your Phone) (Official Video)
Also out today, is the new video from Neutral Bombs for Raise Your Glass (Not Your Phone). A little low-fi “puppeteering” nugget to celebrate the release of their new album Pretend To Fly.

The new album from Swiss punk rock act Neutral Bombs is titled Pretend To Fly and it’s an original celebration of life, of which death is also an integral part. Pretend To Fly is composed by 11 new songs recorded in October 2017 at New Mood Recording Studio (Cantu, Italy) and mastered at New Mastering Studio (Milano, Italy). Read more about Pretend To Fly …here

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Neutral Bombs are:
Rudy Pulino – Vocals | Mick Sedili – Guitar | Matte Soldati – Bass | Gabriele Ferrantini – Drums

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