With their second album Eternal Machines, a lot changed for the Nemesis Alpha project. Before, it was mainly the solo project of Rudy Leal, but with Bjorn Strid (Soilwork) returning on vocals, the addition of Joseph Church in the songwriting process and Marcos Leal (Shattered Sun, Ill Nino) contributing with vocals, the end results have been nothing but amazing.

Here how they described the ideas behind the album; “Eternal Machines can be considered a semi-concept album with each song leading into the next, telling the story of how humans are constantly evolving. Although somewhat positive, there are much more negative aspects of our existence and the taxing of the resources available to us on this planet. We, as a people, are inclined to create which has led us, for better or worse, to the technological stage we are currently in now. Each song concurrently explains the journey from the inception and creation of machines and technology to the eventual surpassing by our own technological creations and advances.

The first few songs take us through the past and current negative effects humans have had on the planet and life, while the middle songs continue the journey of how the machines have also evolved. Eventually the last songs and the finale describe the surpassing of our species, our insignificance, and how its eventual effects on future generations.”

With 74 minutes of pure technical, yet melodic chaos, Nemesis Alpha paint a picture through the music and maximize the amount of time used on the album. A few more seconds on the physical album and it would have to have been a double compact disc, but the boys guarantee the length will be worth the listen. There is something for everyone on this album, from shredding solos and djent-y breakdowns, to complicated song structures and riffing, to even the occasional ambient clean tracks. This sophomore album is their best and most ambitious creation yet!

Track listing:
01. Buried Under | 02. Havoc | 03. Soul Deceiver | 04. Altered State | 05. System Override | 06. Blood Pact | 07. Burning Blue | 08. I Defy | 09. The Cleansing | 10. Nocturnal Affliction | 11. This Resolve | 12. Eternal Machines | 13. Chaos Defined | 14. Bloodline

Mixed and mastered by David Caplinger at Soothsayer Audio | Recorded and produced by Rudy Leal at Nemesis Alpha Studios

Eternal Machines | Released September 13th 2019 via Sliptrick Records

Nemesis Alpha are:
Rudy Leal – Guitar/Bass/Drums/Keys/Vocals | Joseph Church – Guitars/Keys

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick