Nefesh – Please, Stay [Lyrics Video]
Taken from the album: Panta Rei | 2018
Lyrics video produced by: Flock Of Crows Motion Design

Italian alternative rock metal group Nefesh have released a new lyrics video for the track, Please, Stay, from their brand new album Panta Rei released on November 23rd via Sliptrick Records. Here’s what the band had to say about the new track; “Please, Stay is the third song of the second trilogy of our newest album Panta Rei. It is about liberating oneself from fear and validate one’s ability to develop a certain awareness and open up to the world, enriching our lives with the presence of others. This song is part of the second half of the concept album Panta Rei and represents the attainment of acceptance of others and underlines its’ importance.”

Nefesh – Panta Rei
Nefesh’s fourth album, Panta Rei, presents itself in a unique structure. The evolved quality of the music perfectly balances melodies and harmonies which certainly make the album the band’s masterpiece. It can be described as a fascinating and sometimes breathtaking journey through the shades of emotions and feelings of the human mind. The melodies and lyrics incorporate the naked and harsh realities of human feeling in their purest form. Read more about Panta Rei …here

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Panta Rei | Released November 23rd, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Nefesh are:
Luca Lampis – Guitars/Arrangements/Lyrics | Michele Baldi – Drums | Matteo Sbrollini – Vocal

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