Polish thrash metal project Necro are ready to release their debut album Propaganda worldwide via Sliptrick Records on May 19th. The album contains 11 tracks of aggressive and rhythmic thrash metal which are both melodic and powerful at the same time.

Necro write simple and literal lyrics which are sometimes playful and then twist to kick Your ass. In general, the choruses of the songs are catchy and pack a powerful, direct punch. The music is a mix of the really old school styles updated with a modern sound. The group cite Metallica, Pantera and Metal Church as major influences on their work.

Throughout Propaganda, you can hear all kinds of extreme techniques in the vocals which can be brutal and course but also clear and melodic. Although primarily written in English, the album includes 2 special tracks in the Polish language, both of which, have appeared on the Polish radio hit list.

Propaganda | Released May 14th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Toothless Zombie | 02. America | 03. No Mercy | 04. In My Old Age | 05. Fight Against GMO | 06. We Are The Same | 07. Superhero | 08. Propaganda | 09. Chami I Złodjeje | 10. Chwalcie Potęgę Pieniądza | 11. Too Late

Recorded and mixing: Small Home Studio | Produced by: Piotr Sobaszek | Additional guests: Leszek Ganiek (vocals) | Mastering studio: Landr

Necro are:
Bartek Płaszewski – Vocals | Piotr Sobaszek – Guitar | Jarek Bandurski – Bass | Marek Kamiński – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick