Mudd Flux – Loadout [Lyrics Video]
Mudd Flux – Cosmic I [Lyrics Video]
Taken from the album: Light The Skies Electric | 2019

US hard rockers Mudd Flux have released not one, but two lyrics videos simultaneously in the form of Cosmic I and Loadout. Both tracks are taken from their full-length release Light The Skies Electric which was released via Sliptrick Records late last year to excellent reviews.

Cosmic I is a genre-bending ballad in remembrance of those who have crossed over before us while Loadout is a hell- raising , powerful, ‘live your own life’ anthem, encouraging the listener to take life by the horns and hang on.

Mudd Flux – Light The Skies Electric
“Revels of soul; this is righteousness in full form.” A debut album that personifies the thunderous, articulate roar dwelling deep in an atmospheric space of soaring heart-stopping vocals. A “blurred line between hard rock and modern metal.” Light The Skies Electric delivers what generations of music has forged into the rise of a modern classic. Read more …here

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Light The Skies Electric | Released on December 10th, 2019 via Sliptrick Records

Mudd Flux are:
Becky Scheufler – Vocals | Jason Gautney – Guitar | Richard Young – Bass | Zachary Kuder – Drums

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